Our Core Coach Training Program and Certification processes lead the field and support coaches in gaining mastery through both excellent education and guided practice. 

Watch 6-minute overview of the training and certification process.

Module 1: Core Coach Training
To begin, our science-based Core Coach Training Curriculum includes the 18-week teleclasses or 4-day residential course and our 10-hour habits ecourse. In our Core Coach Training you will:

  • Describe/apply key skills and dynamics to facilitate lasting change
  • Elicit mindful self-awareness and insights
  • Apply self-determination theory and motivational interviewing techniques to support clients in uncovering the autonomous motivation needed for change
  • Leverage the science of positive psychology to help clients apply their strengths and gain the capacity to adapt to setbacks
  • Help clients develop self-efficacy and resilience
  • Learn how and when to provide expert advice or referrals to enable just-in-time learning of knowledge and skills
  • Apply principles of goal-setting theory to help clients design engaging visions and goals that spur them to go beyond what they can do alone

Lessons in the Core Coach Training topics focus on:

  • Differentiating the coach from the expert
  • How to establish growth-promoting relationships
  • Coaching presence
  • Expressing compassion through empathy
  • Building positive emotions for resilience
  • Eliciting motivation
  • Building self-efficacy
  • Readiness to change
  • Building powerful visions
  • Crafting designs for behavior experiments
  • Creating generative (ah-ha!) moments
  • Appreciative goal review

Completion of the Core Coach Training and the Habits course (including attendance, quizzes and surveys) is required for course completion and to receive a Certificate of Attendance. This module is a pre-requisite for Module 2. 

Cost: $1345 18-week/$1695 residential

18-week teleclass option
Upon registration, you indicate which class day/time (listed in ET) you prefer to attend regularly. However, you may join any, or all of the three offered each week. You are required to attended each class live in order to earn a Certificate of Attendance. Potential class times listed below:

November cohort - begins Nov 4
Mon 12pm ET
Tues 3pm ET
Thur 8pm ET

January cohort - begins Jan 12
Mon 9am ET
Tues 11am ET
Wed 4pm ET

Teleclasses are held for 18 consecutive weeks. However, classes are not held during the weeks of: Memorial Day; July 4th; Labor Day; Thanksgiving; Christmas; New Year's

9-week teleclass option

February cohort -begins Feb 3
Mondays AND Thursdays from 6-7:30pm ET

Telelcasses are held twice per week for 9 consecutive weeks. You are required to attended each class live in order to earn a Certificate of Attendance. However, classes are not held during the weeks of: Memorial Day; July 4th; Labor Day; Thanksgiving; Christmas; New Year's

4-Day Residential Options in 2019 & 2020
Our Core Coach Training Residential program runs for 4 full days, 8am-5pm.

Dec 2-5, 2019 - Columbus, Ohio
Feb 18-21 – Phoenix, AZ
Apr 28-May 1 – Naples, FL
Jun 1-4 – Asheville, NC
Aug 11-14 – Indianapolis, IN
Oct 19-22 – Fort Collins, CO

Registration will open for additional residential sessions as they become available.

Module 2: Advanced Group Practice
To further develop your skills, this Module offers several live classes and e-courses to deepen your understanding of the concepts and skills presented in the Core course, making the completion of Module 1 a pre-requisite to Module 2. Topics such as Organize Your Emotions (2-hr teleclass), Organize Your Mind (4-hr teleclass+e-course), Wellness Visions (2-hr teleclass), and Generative Moments (2-hr teleclass+e-course) will include additional demonstrations and practice opportunities. Each of the live classes will be offered once each month and all components (including attendance, quizzes and surveys) must be completed before moving to Module 3.  Cost: $150

You may not attend Module 2 until you have fully completed all components of Module 1. However, for your planning, you may want to preview a list of the upcoming Module 2 class dates/times.

Module 3: Skills Application and Assessment
To demonstrate your learning, and to pursue Wellcoaches Certification, our third Module is focused on the application of learning. This includes a multiple choice written exam,  a 30-minute oral exam, and three, 1-hour individual mentoring sessions to prepare students for the oral exam. This module is required to become a Certified Wellcoach. Specific prerequisites are required for the "Certified Health and Wellness Coach" or "Certified Personal Coach" designations. See Certification Handbook, for full details and additional requirements.
Cost: $650

Module 4: Lifestyle Medicine for Coaches
As a coach, it is important to have a holistic and broad understanding of healthy living. This 18-hour e-course, built in collaboration with ACLM, provides education on key healthy lifestyle topics such as brain health and basic biometrics, from leading experts. This module is NOT required for Wellcoaches Certification but is required if you wish to be eligible to take the National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach exam through the NBHWC. Completing the Wellcoaches certification (Modules 1-3) and Module 4 by Aug 2020, MAY allow you to be eligible for the 2021 national exam. See website for full details.
Cost: $150 for those who have purchased Modules 1-3 (special purchase discount link provided once registered for Modules 1-3). Also available for purchase, for $300, if you you have not purchased Modules 1-3.