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Nursing and other health professionals benefit completing this course by significantly improving mindful listening skills and ability to form inquiries that support patient's discovery of personal strengths and motivations to change unhealthy behaviors. By joining their patients non-judgmentally and suspending the traditional "do this, do that" approach to health education, nursing and other health professionals can create a unique and trusting environment that accelerates sustainable change.
Quincy Garfield

The Wellcoaches program has opened up many doors for me both professionally and personally. This interactive and research-based training is top-notch! I would urge fitness professionals to enjoy this life-changing training. Not only will it transform you, it will most definitely increase your clients successes and overall well-being.
Paula Kommor, M.Ed. CPA, University of Louisville, Adjunct Wellness Coach Instructor and Wellness Specialist Senior—Get Healthy Now Health Management Program, Health & Sport Science Department

The Wellcoaches training has been instrumental in helping me to bridge the gap for clients and patients who are ready to make lifestyle changes. In my experience as a dietitian for over 10 years, I’ve found that people willingly tell me “they know what they need to do, they just need to DO it” to become healthier. If you are interested in building your skills beyond giving nutritional advice, towards becoming the health professional that is able to assist their clients into making and sustaining actual health behavior change- this program will provide the framework, tools and opportunity to do so.
Amy Bouthillette, MS, RD, CDE

I honestly feel that this is a truly life-changing course for me. My only regret is that I didn't know that something like this existed until now or I could have helped more people by being a better communicator. I have had good success in motivating my patients in making lifestyle changes, but that was stressful because I was owning the outcomes that I chose for them, such as better control of diabetes, hypertension, from losing weight, or prevention of lung problems from quitting smoking, etc. While the transition from a expert mindset to a coach mindset with my daily patent interactions is challenging, it is well worth the effort. I finally found some tools that are enabling me to connect with my patients, family, and friends at a much deeper level. I am seeing much more success in helping my patients make lifestyle changes when I stopped teaching and preaching.

I am a clinician educator, and am able to role model these tools and the instant benefit to both patient and physician to the physician residents that I train. For example, a resident was presenting a patient's history to me and said that a new patient (42 yrs) who had been drinking and smoking was here today because he has been trying to quit both for a while and wanted help. I asked her why the patient was making these changes now. She was totally perplexed (as I was before Wellcoaches training!). I met the patient and asked him the same question. He thought about for a moment, and then his expression and energy changed completely. He told me that his daughter was born two years ago and he had been reflecting that he will be 60 when she graduates from high school and he wants to be around and healthy for that. He walked out of the office expressing gratitude that we listened to him and are there to help him. The resident appreciated how that simple question made him open up so much and connect on a deeper level than before. It's truly a joy to see these "Aha" moments at work and home.
Radhika Kakarala, MD
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Mental Health
When I decided to take the certification training to become a Health and Wellness Coach through, I assumed that it would be a breeze. Why? The answer is simple: I am a seasoned Psychodynamic Psychotherapist with years of training and practice under my belt. Boy was I surprised to discover that there was an enormous amount of material to learn as well as brand new skills to practice: new ways of helping individuals reach long sought after goals in order to create, as Wellcoaches says "their best lives.” With this training I am more adept at motivational interviewing, familiar with different kinds of motivation, with the power of mindfulness, stages of readiness for change and much more. And best of all, my capacity to help a wider group of human beings has grown immeasurably.
Marjorie Scheer, LCSW, CHWC

If you are committed to becoming a more effective rehabilitation professional, you owe it to yourself and your patients to become a Wellcoach. This training will take you deep into the cutting edge science of human motivation and will provide you with evidence based tools that will allow you to help your patients achieve their highest potential. No other school offers such well thought, well researched and focused coach training to the rehab professional. While my conventional PT training prepared me well to deal with the intellectual and technical challenges of patient care, this school filled the gaps between what I know patients should do and how to get them to do it. I believe that my training as a Wellcoach has enabled me to best serve the whole patient and is the perfect complement to my PT practice. No question, I have become a better clinician and manager because of this training and, as a bonus, I now enjoy a fulfilling and lucrative side career as highly sought after a weight loss coach. While, it was the ASCM and Harvard pedigree that attracted me to Wellcoaches, experiencing the program changed my professional and personal life. Thanks in no small part to my Wellcoaches journey, I have undergone a personal transformation which includes my sustaining an over 200 pound weight loss and being in the best shape of my life. This is not your average post-professional training program, it is truly transformational!
Dr. Russ L'HommeDieu, DPT


International Students
The reason for this email is to thank you greatly because I have been using the concepts of Wellcoaches in my private consultation and the results have been amazing! To put in my own words, after years of digging into negative aspects of my my clients and friends in consultation, the change of direction to a much more positive way of sharing the process, giving "support" and work together as an "alliance" with a clear vision of the goals have radically shifted the path to a lighter and deeper relationship with them, what I am really enjoying! So your inspiration is lifting our souls!!!
Sabastian, Costa Rica