Here is a sampling of the hundreds of "thanks" we receive each year.

Video testimonial from 2016-2017 graduate. - Ellen
Video testimonial from 2016-2017 graduate. - Angie
Video testimonial
from 2016-2017 graduate. - Julie

I wanted to thank you and everyone who worked on the Advanced Coach Training for your dedication and congratulate you on the success of the initial training program. It was a great experience with so many new resources and experiences to add to our coaching practice. The books were amazing and they are resources that I will revisit and use in my business. The lessons really did highlight the best of the resources and I wanted to thank all of you for your commitment to our development as well as the development of Wellcoaches. This makes promoting my coaching business so easy! I have personally spent the past year working on two goals; to develop as a coach, which is why I became part of this program, and to develop my business, which I did with the help of my coach - both of these goals were reached through Wellcoaches.  - Shayla

As I reflect on Advanced Coach Training program, I can't help but to be overwhelmed with gratitude to the faculty, my classmates, and myself. I am thankful for the expert guidance, compassion, friendship, fellowship and instruction that were given so freely and unconditionally. I am also thankful for the personal and professional growth that I have experienced. Through my work in this course, I not only have access to an amazing coaching toolbox, but I also have the science base to back it up.  - Russ

I could not complete this journal without a work of appreciation and heartfelt thanks to all of you. This past year has been an amazing experience of learning, growing, sharing and caring. The enormous effort you all put into creating a superb program is obvious, and there was not one moment of disappointment. You, and the program, exceeded my expectations. Although it will take much more time for me to assimilate all that I have studied, I know that my coaching has reached a deeper level. My sincere hope is that my clients are benefitting and changing in positive ways they may not have been able to without the new tools I have brought to our sessions. I too have changed. Through all the readings, discussions and the insights gleamed while journaling, my Emotional Intelligence has increased, and I am flourishing. Thank you for providing a pathway that was challenging, sometimes tiring, but always joyful. I look forward to my continued association with Wellcoaches, and many additional opportunities to learn and grow. - Ellen

The Advanced Coach Training has given me the skills and confidence to leave my job in academia to start my own coaching company, Achieve Wellness. I believe that it is a huge advantage in this industry to have the highest possible certification in health and wellness coaching and it affords me credibility with my clients. I do not believe I could be a leader in the coaching industry without it. - Kelly

The classes, reading, concepts, practice, etc. all set me up with a learned presence, an informed and expansive curiosity, and a nice blend of humility and confidence to allow me to experiment, celebrate success, and manage/benefit from the rough spots. I am in flow more than ever, particularly when I am coaching, and also when I am helping another coach to improve his/her game. I’m very happy with the choice of career, and the training. - Nancy

Jack Welch once said, “We have found that by reaching for what appears to be the impossible, we often actually do the impossible.” This is what fueled my ambition and motivation for joining the initial 2010-2011 Wellcoaches Advanced Health and Wellness Coach Certification & Training Program. It definitely was an honor and privilege to have been invited and….I too… realized, again, amidst the roar of voices in my head, I had the opportunity to challenge and embrace my own obstacles which were holding me back from honoring my competence and worthiness for cultivating my dream work. It was a result of the simple… yet challenging, forthright and thought-provoking questions posed by four Wellcoaches faculty members during dinner that made me realize… even as an accomplished coach, I too, needed to discover and identify the crucial factors of my situation, (that speed-bump that opportunity that appeared…as tired and exhausted as I was….was ever evolving) and design a way to coordinate and focus my actions to deal with them. I have learned that as I refocused my energy and resources on one or two pivotal objectives, my accomplishments had lead me to a cascade of positive outcomes and many open doors. I have learned it is through partnerships (with Wellcoaches, The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, The Institute of Coaching, the MGH, Back-Bay Health Center, The New IQ) that my dynamic, on-going and resilient coaching business is able to thrive and make a difference for this world. This fall I will be joining Robert Keegan and Lisa Lahey’s Minds at Work Program through The Harvard University Gradate School of Education. As I move forward, my personal foundation is securely grounded by the Wellcoaches training I have received. I am forever grateful for all the amazing people who have come into my life to challenge, inspire, support and cheer me “onward and upward.” - Jamie

As far as changes, for starters (and the most important for me), is that my confidence in my skills has gone through the roof. I remember when I signed up for the class it was because I felt like I was missing something and wasn't confident in my ability. A couple of months ago I was approached by a woman who owns her own business. She provides corporate wellness programs. She was looking for a coach to go onsite and do group coaching for her customers (of which are very large/major companies). Prior to this program I would have shied away from it. Now, I just smiled and said I am so looking forward to this opportunity! Even though I hadn't done "group" coaching before I felt confident enough in my skills to accept the opportunity and the challenge. The next 3 months I have 1-2 group sessions booked with this company a week, as well as a few lunch and learns. The potential to have this go into a full time job is very promising! I am so glad I took the Advanced Coach Training Program! In addition, the individual coaching that I am doing independently has improved so much! The area's within a session that used to hang me up before, I now just blow right through them. I really enjoyed the way the curriculum was laid out. Being able to break off in small groups and practice the skills that we were learning, as we were learning them was very helpful. I also appreciated and enjoyed the group coaching class that I was part of at the end of the program, that was lead by Kate. Wow, did I learn even more there! Thank you for putting this program together! - Keri

Participating in the Wellcoaches Advanced Health and Wellness Coach Training changed my life. The new information I learned and coaching tools I developed have not only brought my coaching to a higher level; I grew personally, as well. The journey I started in Nashville at the opening workshop started me on a clear path to living into my vision of finding meaningful work that enables me to coach every day. The program not only deepened my understanding of how to identify and help clients use their strengths, it allowed me to use my own to make the shift to a wellness-focused work environment. The format of meeting co-participants face-to-face for interactive workshops during the training and developing ongoing relationships with them created fertile ground for coaching practice with our new skills during our group mentoring sessions. We learned so much from the faculty and each other.  - Beth

What has changed for me since I completed the Advanced Coach Training program is a marked increase in my confidence in expanding the scope of areas I feel comfortable working with clients in. Our health and well-being is so completely intertwined with the rest of our life, and to feel comfortable exploring different areas of my clients life, and how that may be affecting their ability to take charge of their health and lifestyle behaviors, has been huge. It is like being comfortable stepping onto a bigger dance floor with my clients. My clients have been staying longer with me because they are finding greater success from our work together. I highly recommend this training to dramatically increase your confidence and skill set as a coach. Your clients will thank you! - Kalia