Advanced Coach Training

The crown jewel of our training programs

Take your Wellcoaches Certification to the next level


From a recent participant:
"Wow. The first day knocked my socks off. The overall experience just kept getting better throughout the year. That’s not to say that is was a breeze ...far from it. It made me pause, learn and grow in ways that I didn’t expect. Growing can be challenging, can’t it?  Looking at oneself in the mirror can be humbling ...very humbling ! Taking the steps for growth takes a certain amount of courage and trust. I cannot expect my clients to go through the challenges of personal growth if I not walking my talk. I can now be a compass for them. The experience is one that I will ALWAYS be grateful for. The second residential solidified friendships and connections with amazing beautiful people. It was and continues to be magical.  The promotional promise of the program was to orbit us out of Galactica! And it did. It really did. I realize that I thanked you already for giving me the time and space to spend this additional year immersing myself in the books and practices of this learning experience, but I must thank you again! It truly has been meaningful, amazing and growth promoting. Thank you!"

Once you have completed our Core Coach Training & Certification program, start making plans to lift your coaching mastery to a galactic orbit with our ten-month advanced Professional Coach Training & Certification Program. This advanced program is specially designed for our Certified Wellcoaches only.

This program is developing the future leaders of the health and wellness coaching industry. We built and continue to upgrade an innovative, science and neuroscience-based, robust coaching framework we call the "Onward & Upward Model" designed to enable Certified Wellcoaches to help clients optimize mental and physical well-being. This is a hit-the-ball-out-of-the-park opportunity for Certified Wellcoaches who want to be masterful coaches.

NBHWC [National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching]
This CE course is approved by NBHWC for 95 continuing education units. Learn more about additional continuing education.

REGISTER BY JAN 2 - 2020 Cohort

The 2020 training program components delivered over nine months includes:

  • Two 2.5 day residential sessions in Naples, Florida  – one at the beginning (January 16-18) and one at the end of the training program (September 17-19). Residential sessions are Thu and Fri, from 8a-5p/Sat 8a-12p. You may stay at any hotel you wish, however the workshops will be held at the Naples Bay Resort.
  • 32 ninety-minute teleclasses with the ability to practice new tools and skills in class, including 8 group coaching sessions. Teleclasses are held on Thursdays each week (except major holidays) beginning January 23 from 4pm-5:30pm ET. 
  • Six private mentor coaching sessions with feedback from coaching masters regarding the application of Wellcoaches protocols and International Coach Federation Competencies
  • A reading list of over 20 carefully chosen books written by scientists and psychologists with a strong evidence basis
  • Full attendance required for course completion



Four Reasons to Join

Four reasons to pursue this advanced credential: 

1. Leadership Role: Not only will our advanced program enable a giant leap in your coaching outcomes, it will help move you into a leadership role and new career opportunities within this growing industry.  

2. Wellcoaches Opportunities: Wellcoaches recruits PCT graduates first for research projects, coaching contracts with our corporate partners, and coach referrals.

3. ICF ACTP: Complete an International Coach Federation ACTP program which supports ICF certifications and credibility in the larger coaching industry beyond health and wellness. 

4. Close Network: The PCT experience leads to a close and intimate network of your classmates that will pay dividends for years.



What You Will Gain

Coaching Mastery
1. Unique-to-Wellcoaches intellectual framework and mechanisms for peak coaching performance grounded in research from the fields of neuroscience, adult development, behavioral and positive psychology
2. Cutting-edge and advanced coaching models such as Immunity to Change, advanced mindfulness and multiplicity of the mind
3. Plenty of practice using cutting-edge tools and models in a safe, structured environment
4. Individualized mentoring feedback from experienced Wellcoaches faculty


The Program

The 2019 training program components delivered over ten months includes:




How To Become a Certified Professional Coach


To receive the Wellcoaches designation of “Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach” (or "Certified Professional Coach") we require the following:

1. Full, live participation in live teleclasses, group/individual coaching and residential components
2. A Lesson Feedback Survey for each class
3. Submission of a “Coaching Mastery Journal” (approx. 400-word entry for each class)
4. Submission of an audio coaching sample that demonstrates coaching mastery according to Wellcoaches protocol and International Coach Federation Competencies (30-45 minutes)


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